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Systemic Constellations offer an effective approach to resolve complex issues in relationships.

This experience based approach provides insights on the underlying entanglements, the hidden dynamics and possible pathways for growth.

Are you looking for learning experiences to expand your systemic competence as a leader, business owner, team player or constellation facilitator?

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Tom Wittig | Systemic Constellation Expert

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Are you a first-time attendee? Or have you made first experience? Or do you want to integrate systemic constellations in your work, life and organization?

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Tom Wittig

Family Organization Constellation Online Training Masterclass with Tom Wittig

Master Classes

In the Constellateur Master Class you can get new insights how to apply systemic constellations on specific topics in organizations.

In this compact format I am sharing my insights and approaches for facilitating systemic constellations in business and organizations.

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Constellation Coaching

Are you preparing an important initiative or engagement? Or are you getting stuck sometimes? Working with a coach who "has been there" can help you to reflect, orient and focus your constellation learning and work.

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Systemic Coaching with Tom wittig