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About this course

Why you should participate?

For Constellation Facilitators and Business Professionals the Constellateur Masterclass provides a Compact Constellation Training Program with Extended Experiences. 

Unlike in other programs, participants benefit from a unique combination of expertise and extended access to course material.

How this course works

Module and step-by-step approach for experiential learning

  • Experience and Learning Modules

    This course has 4 core modules. Each week we are covering one of the core modules. The content will be presented in live webinar sessions with Q&A, recorded videos, exercises and assignments. You will get a "homework" assignment which you can complete until the next course module.

  • Attitude and Focus

    Each module begins with an inner journey - a guided meditation to the core. Being in tune and centered helps you getting into the field and discovering new insights for yourself, your relationships and your work.

  • Practice and take Action

    Practice before you apply: Short exercises help you to practice the concepts, approaches and tools for yourself or with a learning partner. Apply in your work: Assignments help you to apply and integrate what you have learned into your work and services. This is a great way to take action.

Systemic Coaching and Constellations in Marketing, Sales and Brand Management

Expand Your Constellation Experience and Competencies

Your company and organization grows with your products, services and brand. 

Understanding the relationships and dynamics of these elements are essential to create and unleash further growth opportunities. 

Systemic constellation insights can help you to surface new growth insights.

Topics covered in this course

This course provides insights and new concepts for applying systemic family and organization constellation in business, marketing, sales and customer success relationships

Growth your reach and expand your market: Learning new concepts and tools helps you to build up your experience and confidence in a safe environment before working with existing clients and winning new customers.

Take the opportunity to also review your products, services and pricing from a systemic perspective. 

Check out the curriculum to see the detailed course learning and experience roadmap.

We have made some topics available as a free preview so you can read more about the topics and decide if this course is for your and your teams. 

Course curriculum

Experiential Learning Program

    1. Course Schedule

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    4. What to expect and how to get most out of the Master Class?

    1. 23. March 2021 | Live Session with Q&A

    2. Replay: OPEN Live Session from 28th January, 2021 [48:00 Minutes]

    3. Replay: Live Session from 25th January, 2021 [25:00 Minutes]

    1. Module 1 Experience and Learning Objectives

    2. Module Available: Nov 15th, 2020

    3. Concept Introduction - Part 1: Systemic Orders and Entanglements.

    4. Concept Introduction - Part 2: Systemic Orders and Basics to consider.

    5. Concept Introduction - Part 3: Helpers in Organizations. FAQs.

    6. Insight Journey: Exploring the Field of Relationships

    7. How-to Lesson

    8. Replay of Live Session Module 1

    9. Practice Exercise

    10. Test your Learning Experience

    11. Practice Assignment "Homework"

    12. Module 1 Feedback Survey [1 Minute]

    1. Module 2 - Experience and Learning Objectives

    2. Module Available: Nov 22nd, 2020

    3. Concept Introduction: Overview

    4. Concept Introduction - Part 2: The Topics in this Module

    5. Concept Introduction - Part 3: Stakeholder Relationships and Systemic Feedback Structures

    6. Concept Introduction - Part 4: Stakeholder Relationships. An Example Constellation.

    7. Concept Introduction - Part 5: Locating the issue. Origin of Systemic Problems.

    8. Concept Introduction - Part 6: Deep Conflict in Organizations.

    9. Concept Introduction - Part 7: Pathways for Healing Relationships.

    10. BONUS Lecture: How Systemic Constellations enable Systemic Learning

    11. Insight Journey: Exploring Healthy Productive Relationships

    12. How to locate the issues in space dimensions

    13. How to locate the issues in time dimensions

    14. How to locate the issues with help of the systemic orders

    15. How to locate the issues. Question set for a systemic conversation.

    16. How to engage in Conflict Resolution

    17. How conduct an Organisation Constellation - Step By Step Approach

    18. Practice Exercise (Case Study)

    19. Personal Awareness and Perception Exercise

    20. Test your experience and learning

    21. Practice Assignment

    22. Personal Awareness Assignment

    23. VIDEO: Module 2 Live Session Replay [52:00]

    24. Live Session Documentation [28 pages]

    25. Module 3 Feedback Survey [1 Minute]

    1. Module 3 Experience and Learning Objectives

    2. Module Available Now

    3. Concept Introduction - Overview [6:30 Min]

    4. Concept Introduction: Unique Benefits Proposition [12:00 Min]

    5. Concept Introduction: Products and Services [4:45 Min]

    6. Concept Introduction: Product Positioning [7:15 Min]

    7. Concept Introduction: Product Life Cycle [7:40 Min]

    8. Concept Introduction: Brand [3:50 Min]

    9. Concept Introduction: Pricing [8:30 Min]

    10. Concept Introduction: Innovation [5:00 Min]

    11. Concept Introduction: Recap [6:10 Min]

    12. Insights Journey: Brand Discovery and Experience [11:00 Min]

    13. How To Lessons - Overview

    14. How To Lesson: Price and Value

    15. How To Lesson: Brand dimensions

    16. How to Lesson: Communicating a coherent and complete Benefits Proposition

    17. How To Lesson: Product Life Cycle

    18. How To Lesson: Innovation Project Selection

    19. How To Lesson Recap

    20. Practice Exercise - Case Study and Instructions

    21. Practice Exercise - Personal

    22. Test your learning

    23. Practice Assignment - Instructions

    24. Practice Assignment - Personal

    25. Live Session Replay Video [50:00 Min]

    26. Live Session Documentation PDF [23 pages]

    27. Module 3 Feedback Survey [1 Minute]

    1. Module 4 Experience and Learning Objectives

    2. Module Available: Week of Dec 6th, 2020

    3. Concept Introduction Overview

    4. Concept Forms of Innovation

    5. System Dynamics of Growth

    6. Systemic Perspective of Growth

    7. Concept Change Communication

    8. Building Innovation Capability

    9. Concept Introduction Presentation PDF

    10. Insight Journey

    11. How to initiate Change and Growth

    12. How to accelerate growth

    13. How to move outside the field

    14. Test your learning experience

    15. Practice Exercise

    16. Practice Exercise Personal

    17. Practice Assignment

    18. Assignment Personal

    19. Live Session Replay Video [40 Min] and Documentation PDF

    20. Module 4 Feedback Survey [1 Minute]

About this course

  • €250,00
  • 95 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

Your Benefits - Your Capabilities

Your time is precious. This course is designed to help you achieve your goals and outcomes you are looking for.

  • Accelerate your learning and benefit from the extensive experience of the lecturer.

  • Learn and gain experience in a compact program.

  • Address your questions and topics in interactions with the lecturer.

  • Brief demonstrations of key concepts and how-to information.

  • Learn at your your pace, time and place.

  • Save time and money. No travel required.

  • Review the material and live lectures for an extended period.

  • Nominate a topic for an online constellation.

  • Get feedback on an issue or challenging relationship, constellation or project.

Who should participate?

This constellation online training experience is designed and suitable for professionals in business and organzations and for facilitators of organization and family constellatons.

  • Marketing, Product, and Brand Management Professionals who want to add the "systemic growth insights" to their marketing mix.

  • Constellation facilitators who want to expand their family and organization constellation expertise.

  • Recruitment and HR Business Partners who want to learn how to gain systemic insights for better employee marketing and improved employer value propositions.

  • Customer Success and Service Professionals who want to explore, improve and grow productive client relationships.

Is this for you?

Let's talk and find out

Would you like to discuss if this course is for you? No problem, contact us at and we will be happy to clarify your requirements and discuss if this course is for you, your team or organization.

Your Course Instructor

This course is designed and delivered by Tom Wittig

Constellateur Tom Wittig

Hi, my name is Tom (Thomas ) Wittig. Thank you for checking out this course. In the courses and constellation work I am sharing insights, ideas and recommendations from my work with systemic constellations in organisations, family business and families. Read more about my work and experience on

Live webinar with Q&A

Listen, learn, ask, share

Join the live webinars with the lecturer to engage and ask questions. Webinar recordings will be made available as replay video. A great way to get systemic coaching and perspectives on your particular issues.
Organization and Family Constellation Online Training Lecture

Video Lectures

Watch at your own time and place

Compact videos for introducing the key concepts. Watch at your own time and place.
Organization and Family Constellation Online Training Teaching Video


Customize and integrate

Some select material will be made available for download. Use it and integrate it in your own work. This can be worksheets, templates, audio and video.

Insight Journeys

Explore your field of relationsips

Guided inner "insight journeys" are designed to help you explore a topic, situation, and a field of relationships. Some insight journeys are recommended and required prior to live sessions and before practicing.

Practice Exercises

Practice before applying

Use this area to describe the image or provide supportiPractice what you have learned with exercises and key practices. Interactive online learning information.
Organization and Family Constellation Online Training Practice


Show your new skills and competencies

Showcase your new skills and competencies. After completion of the course you can request a Certificate of Participation.
Organization and Family Constellation Online Training Course Certificate

Practice Assignment

Apply what you have learned

Apply what you have learned with assignments. The next day, the assignments will be discussed in the live webinar with the lecturer. In this course we will also use new online tools such as AR (augmented reality)
Organization and Family Constellation Online Training Course Assignment

Show me an example...

Watch a few FREE Preview examples. Some sessions are made available for free preview. Take a look. This gives you an idea about the course content.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?

    You can start this course at any time. This course starts with a series of special live webinars with Q&A.

  • What is happening throughout the course?

    The course has several modules. It is recommended that you take the modules in the order they are presented. Live webinars will be offered initially and offered again during the life-time of this course.

  • What if I miss an online webinar lecture?

    No problem, after each lecture the course participants will receive a replay video. Just make sure you sign up to the webinar sessions within the course.

  • Can I join the course later?

    Sure, no problem. You can catch up with the recorded videos and replays of the live webinars.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    The initial course includes four modules which will be conducted over one month. Each week a new module will be started. Afterwards the content is available for an extended period of time (currently 90 days after signup and purchase date). During this time you can review the material, watch the videos and download select material, which has been made available for download.

  • Is this course available in other formats?

    Yes, this course may be taken as a self-paced learning program without the live webinar Q&A. It is your choice. Please check the course list on the website for other courses and formats.

  • Can I combine this course with individual coaching and supervision?

    Yes you can. You can book your personal coaching, supervision and online constellation. Please contact us for details.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund.

  • Can we ask for this course to be conducted in our center or organisation?

    Yes, of course. Please send email to or contact us at +41 (44) 586 7556 to discuss your requirements and possibilities.

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