Systemic Insights and Practices

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Learn about the key concepts. A compact course with a short video lecture, examples, and practices. Includes presentation for download (PDF).
Organization Constellation examples, insights, approach.

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Content & Curriculum

    1. Systemic Organization Constellation revisited

    1. Organization Constellations | Webinar Replay

    1. How to access your resources

    2. Downloadable Resource: Presentation | PDF

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Constellateur Tom Wittig

Hi, my name is Tom (Thomas ) Wittig. Thank you for checking out this course. In the courses and constellation work I am sharing insights, ideas and recommendations from my work with systemic constellations in organisations, family business and families. Read more about my work and experience on

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Systemic Insights and Practices

How can you apply and integrate systemic approaches in your work, organization and leadership? In this course I am sharing my insights and practices in working with systemic approaches.